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Want to make some extra cash? Invite your friends & neighbors to use Freedom Contractors for their next exterior home project!

*Freedom Contractors Referral Program Terms & Conditions


  • Referrals must be initiated on or after 10/24/2023.

  • The referee (person referred) must reside within one of Freedom Contractors' serviceable areas. A comprehensive list of our service areas is available at

  • The individual being referred (hereafter "referred person") must seek one or more of the following services from Freedom Contractors: deck construction, patio cover installation, or pergola installation.

Project Value:

  • For this referral program, the referred project's value must be at least $15,000 as determined by Freedom Contractors. Evaluations from external parties will not be considered.

Referral Bonus:

  • The referrer becomes eligible for a $250 referral bonus once the referred person signs a binding agreement with Freedom Contractors and remits the initial 20% deposit.

  • The $250 referral bonus can be paid out to the referrer in one of two ways:

    • Mailed Check

    • Credit for an upcoming exterior home project with Freedom Contractors.

  • Freedom Contractors is not accountable for the loss, delay, or non-delivery of a mailed check worth $250 or any other amount.

  • Freedom Contractors pledges to release the referral bonus within 30 days from the day the referred person finalizes the contract and pays the 20% deposit. If the referrer does not share their payment method of choice within these 30 days, Freedom Contractors is under no obligation to provide the referral bonus.

  • If the $250 bonus is dispatched within the 30-day timeframe but doesn't reach the referrer's address within this period, Freedom Contractors isn't responsible for mailing hitches or for resending the payment.

Contract Cancellation:

  • If the referred person terminates the contract after depositing the initial 20% but before the project begins, the bonus for the referrer will be annulled.


  • Should the referrer's chosen payment method entail transaction costs, these will be subtracted from the $250 referral bonus.

No Limits:

  • Referrers can recommend an unlimited number of individuals to Freedom Contractors and can obtain multiple bonuses by introducing various eligible persons.


  • Personal data of both the referrer and the referred individuals is exclusively used for the referral program and other related business dealings with Freedom Contractors. We pledge not to sell, distribute, or misuse the sensitive information given through this program.


  • Freedom Contractors retains the authority to modify or conclude the referral program's terms and conditions at any point without previous notice.

  • Referrers should be aware that bonuses might be considered as taxable income. It's the referrer's duty to declare such bonuses to the appropriate tax bodies.

  • The above terms and conditions are dictated by and interpreted according to local legal standards. Engaging in the referral program means accepting these terms and conditions.

By joining the Freedom Contractors Referral Program, participants consent to these terms and conditions. For queries or more details, kindly reach out to our customer service team.

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