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Freedom Contractors: Patio Cover vs. Gable Cover for Colorado Homeowners

Updated: 4 days ago

Are you thinking about redesigning your backyard in Colorado? Learn about the differences between a patio cover vs. gable cover and the pros and cons of each structure before you decide which one to build for your home.

Patio Cover built by Freedom Contractors

Freedom Contractors Custom Gable Cover
Custom Patio Cover Built By Freedom Contractors

Patio Cover

Patio covers are typically flat or gently sloped, running directly from the house's rear exterior. This design is suitable for shade over a patio or deck, using materials like wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

Pros for Colorado Homeowners:

  • Simplified Snow Removal: A slightly sloped patio cover makes it easier to brush off fresh snow, preventing accumulation.

  • Solar Gain in Winters: Given the flat design, patio covers can allow for maximized solar heat during those sunny winter days, naturally warming up your patio.

  • Cost-effective: Simpler in design, they're often more budget-friendly - a bonus for homeowners looking to save.

Cons for Colorado Homeowners:

  • Snow Load: If not adequately sloped or cleared regularly, heavy snow can pose a risk of accumulation and damage.

  • Heat Retention in Summer: Without proper ventilation, a patio cover might trap more heat during the intense Colorado summers.

Gable Cover Built By Freedom Contractors
Freedom Contractors Custom Gable Cover

Gable Cover

Boasting a triangular shape, gable covers rise to a central point and descend on both sides. This design is aesthetically pleasing while providing better ventilation and water runoff.

Pros for Colorado Homeowners:

  • Efficient Snow Drainage: The steep slope ensures snow slides off, reducing the risk of heavy accumulation.

  • Enhanced Airflow: Beneficial during hot Colorado summers, the gable's design ensures improved circulation, offering a cooler shade.

  • Aesthetic Compatibility: Many Colorado homes, especially mountain residences, already feature gabled roofs, making this design a complementary choice.

Cons for Colorado Homeowners:

  • Cost: The intricate design can come with a steeper price, requiring more materials and intricate labor.

  • Complex Installation: Given Colorado's varied terrain and housing styles, gable cover installation may need more expertise.

Choosing the Right Cover for Your Colorado Home

When deciding between a patio cover and a gable cover in Colorado:

  • Consider Snowfall: While both covers have their advantages, think about the average snowfall in your region. If you live in snow-prone areas like Aspen or Telluride, a gable cover's snow-shedding abilities might be more beneficial.

  • Summer Heat: Colorado's summers can get surprisingly hot. Gable covers, with their superior airflow, can offer a cooler retreat.

  • Local Aesthetics: Think about the prevalent architecture in your locality. If gable roofs dominate, a gable cover might blend in more seamlessly.

Partner with Freedom Contractors to ensure that your chosen cover withstands Colorado's dynamic weather while enhancing your home's beauty. Enjoy the splendor of every season in your outdoor space, comfortably sheltered by a cover designed for the Colorado climate.

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