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Affordable & Aesthetic: Cedar Pergolas as Your Perfect Backyard Patio Solution

Updated: 4 days ago

Welcome Colorado Homeowners! Freedom Contractors, Colorado's top deck builder, breaks down the benefits of choosing a cedar pergola for your next back yard renovation project.

Pergola built by Freedom Contractors in Parker Colorado
Pergola built by Freedom Contractors

Nothing quite brings the essence of nature, warmth, and class to a backyard like a cedar pergola. As homeowners in Parker, Colorado, and the surrounding regions, the quest for creating an outdoor space that is both inviting and functional is a common goal. With the unique offerings of Freedom Contractors, not only can you acquire an aesthetically pleasing cedar pergola, but you can also choose to cover it with a top-of-the-line polycarbonate covering, manufactured exclusively by

Before diving deep into the wonders of cedar pergolas, let’s address a key concern most homeowners have: the cost. Based Freedom Contractor's completed projects, pergolas often cost homeowners between $8-15K. With such an affordable range, cedar pergolas are an investment that pays off in aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Benefits of Cedar Pergolas:

1. Natural Aesthetics: Cedar-wood has a distinct reddish-brown hue that effortlessly blends with natural surroundings. Its beauty elevates the overall ambiance of any outdoor space.

2. Durability: Known for its long lifespan, cedar is resistant to decay, rot, and insect attacks. This means fewer replacements and repairs in the long run.

4. Thermal Properties: Cedar doesn’t easily absorb heat. This means, during those hot summer days, your cedar pergola remains relatively cool, creating a pleasant outdoor environment.

5. Easy Customization: Cedar-wood is versatile and can be easily tailored, stained, or painted to fit the aesthetic requirements of any backyard.

Why Cover Your Pergola?

Pergola built by Freedom Contractors in Parker Colorado
Pergola with built by Freedom Contractors

While cedar pergolas already offer immense value, covering them amplifies their benefits multifold:

1. Weather Protection: A polycarbonate covering shields your outdoor space from rain, hail, and even snow with loads up to 40psf. This means you can enjoy your backyard in a variety of weather conditions without the worry of getting drenched or damaging your furniture.

2. UV Protection: The polycarbonate covering by is designed to filter harmful UV rays, ensuring you can lounge outdoors without the adverse effects of direct sunlight.

3. Temperature Regulation: Covered pergolas provide shade, resulting in a cooler space (about 15 degrees cooler) underneath, making your outdoor time during summer more enjoyable.

4. Enhanced Lifespan: A covering protects the cedar from constant exposure to harsh elements, further increasing its durability and lifespan.

5. Adds Value to Your Property: A covered pergola is not just functional but is also an attractive feature for potential buyers should you decide to sell your property in the future.

In conclusion, if you're looking to transform your backyard into a versatile space that marries beauty with functionality, a cedar pergola, especially one that's covered, is an excellent choice. Freedom Contractors, located right here in Parker, Colorado, is dedicated to offering you top-quality cedar pergolas with the option of an exclusive polycarbonate covering from Give your backyard the upgrade it deserves.

Contact us today to explore the pergola possibilities that await!

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